So let us go forth to Him outside the camp bearing His reproach. (Heb. 13:13)








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ARTICLES AND RESOURCES (not appearing in the Outside the Camp newsletter)


Abortion: The Ongoing Holocaust

Answering Those Who Would Accuse Us of Not Manifesting the Fruit of the Spirit

Are Christians Required to Tithe? (plus some words on giving and money management)

Bobby Bullingtonís False Gospel Call

The Book of Psalms for Singing put to familiar tunes

Can Believers Have Unbelieving Friends?

Christians and Emotions

Common Mercy?

Devilish Music?

Don Fortnerís Judgment

Duty Faith and Repentance

Evangelical Repentance

The Evil of Gordon Clark

Glorying and Boasting

God of Peace, God of War

Godís Relation to the Elect

The Gospel

Hypothetical Heresy

"If the Lord Wills"

Is Heterosexuality Sin?

Is Rush Limbaugh a Friend of Christians?

John Gill on Philippians 3:13

Jonathan Edwards and the Well-Meant Offer

Justification, Regeneration, Conversion, Obedience

Knowledge of Godís Redemptive Glory an Immediate Result of Regeneration

The "Loving Ones"

The Many Faces of John Robbins

Mean, Surly, Unduly Harsh?

The Origins of Halloween

The Origins of Motherís Day

Orthodoxy Hall of Fame

Overheard in the Halls of Tolerant Calvinism

The PRCís Imaginary Antithesis

Personal Purity in Thought, Speech, and Appearance


A Predicament for Defenders of Tolerant Calvinists

Problems with the Westminster Confession of Faith

Questions to Ask Universal Atonement Advocates

Reformed Conditionalism

Robert Reymond and Common Grace

Singing from the Book of Praises

Slander or Libel?

"Some things hard to understand"

Spurgeon Swallows It At Once

A Study on Proverbs 31:30

Thoughts on the Sabbath

Topic Notes Files for e-Sword


Was David an Adulterer?


Was Rahab the Harlot in the Line of Jesus?


Weighing the Percentages vs. Zero Tolerance


[All articles were written by Marc D. Carpenter except where noted.]