So let us go forth to Him outside the camp bearing His reproach. (Heb. 13:13)









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"5solas.org" Forum


A.W. Tozer obviously worshipped a god of his own imagination.


All Arminians and Calvinists who speak peace to them are lost, unsaved, unregenerate.


All Arminians Are Unsaved


Allen Baird (Covenant PRC, British Reformed Fellowship): "Therefore, it is my opinion that the difference between us an ordinary Arminians is only one of degree."


Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (A.C.E.)


Are those who are "open to the truth" regenerate?


"Arminian Brethren"


Arminianism vs. Christianity


"Arminians are saved in spite of their theology."


An Article About Lust


The Asinine Reasoning of Bob Ross (Pilgrim Publications - Spurgeon)


The Attractive Theology of James White


"B.B. Warfield" Forum


The Backpedal Shuffle


Be wary of people who seem to agree with us!


Beware of this kind of double-talk - it is of the most insidious sort.


Bible verses Arminians twist to their own destruction


Bill Parker and Henry Mahan


Bill Parker justifies speaking peace to an annihilationist


Blog Correspondence


Brandan Kraft (5solas.org): Anti-Duty-Faith Hyper-Calvinist Hypocrite


"By your logic then, all Christians must hold to 100% correct doctrines!"


C.C. Morris (The Remnant): Not all regenerate people believe the gospel


"Caledonian" Forum


Calling unregenerate people God-haters


The Calvinism of Greg Fields and D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones


"Calvinist" Forum


"Calvinists against Calvin"


"Calvinists" Forum


Can someone be converted under the ministry of a lost preacher?


Christian Liberty or Sin?


“Christian” Romance Novels?


"Clark" Forum


"Clark is right."


Come out from among her.


Comments on Tracts


Conversation with a Clarkian in the Twilight Zone


Correspondence regarding the article "Gospel Atonement"


Correspondence with a follower of John Pedersen showing the utter absurdity and heresy of the Pedersenite position


Correspondence with a member of the Protestant Reformed Churches, adding to the evidence that that the PRC is a false church


Correspondence with an Arminian


Correspondence with an Atheist


Correspondence with Ben Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church and godhatesfags.com


Correspondence with Chris Arnzen of James White's Alpha and Omega Ministries


Correspondence with Michael Brown and staff at "Ask Dr. Brown" and "Line of Fire"


Correspondence with Mitch Cervinka, author of "Are All Arminians Unsaved?"


Correspondence with Universal Atonement Advocates


Correspondence with William "Billy" Birch of Classical Arminianism blog


Covenant of Works (Hypothetical Works Salvation) and Hypothetical Universalism


Dabney and a Lesson in Logic by David Ponter


The Death Education of Arminianism


"Do I smell the emergence of a new 'law'?"


"Do you know the list of men that God elected before the dawn of time?"


"Do you think that because most baptist or fundamentalist churches are arminian in theology, that they are not Christians?"


"Do you trust in the good work of your perfect faith?"


"The Doctrine of Grace" Forum


"Does anyone really know who God has elected unto salvation?"


Does George Bush believe the gospel?


"Does God’s Sovereignty Mean He Makes People Evil?" by Phil Johnson


Don Fortner's refusal to call specific Arminians lost


Doug Wilson: "Better Christians Than Logicians"


Doug Wilson: Blind Leader of the Blind


The Doxastic Logic of the Bible


E.D. Manard believes that there are terms of the gospel promise that man has to meet, that God shows grace toward and really and sincerely desires the salvation of the reprobate, and that Christ's definite atonement is not part of the gospel.


Ernest Reisinger, Tom Ascol, Roger Nicole, and The Founders Journal: Blind to the True Gospel


Evidence that Gil Rugh Hates God


Examining Self


False Accusations from Jason Wallace of the OPC


The False Gospel of Max Lucado


The Federal Vision Package from the Trinity Foundation


"The Fellowship of the Reformed" Forum


“The Fighting Fundamental” Forum


Follow-up to The Thief on the Cross


Fun For All?


Gene Breed: "He's basing their eternal habitation upon their present stewardship. ... You see, your future abode depends on your present stewardship."


Generational Peace-Speaking


Genuine Historical Calvinism


"God can always make exceptions to any of His rules, because He is God."


"God-Centered Theology Reformed Christianity" Forum


"God's Indiscriminate Proposals of Mercy" by Racist Southern Presbyterian Robert Dabney


Gordon Clark and Cornelius Van Til - Brothers in Satan


Gordon Clark, John Robbins, Scripturalism, and Empiricism


Harold Camping: False Prophet


"Have I got it right?"


Head/Heart Mouth/Heart


Head vs. Heart


Heresies of Mark McCulley


Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, abortion - blatantly immoral atrocities


"How can one believe something yet be unable to articulate it?"


Hugh Diggins, elder at Reformed Bible Church (Rob Zins), Vermont


How I Found Out John Pedersen's True Colors: A Correspondence History


"I cannot and will not make a god out of correct doctrine and then classify who is saved and who is not."


"I definitely do not agree with Mr. Carpenter that salvation depends upon absolute doctrinal purity with Hyper-Calvinism as the guide for this doctrinal purity."


"I didn’t have a prom."


"I fear in your zealousness to serve God you have taken Scripture beyond what God says."


I have never consigned anyone to hell.


"I sense a lot of 'hatred' in your words."


"I wish you guys would go the whole way and emasculate yourselves."


Idolatry of the Protestant Reformed Churches


i.e., salvation conditioned on the sinner.


"If God made us with no free will, then we are not responsible for sin."


"If I may just point out a flaw in your reasoning."


If I Were the Devil


"If your position was correct, you would be considered lost for calling a lost person your brother."


Imparted Righteousness


Imputation and righteousness are vital elements of the true gospel.


In your "experimental salvation," you didn't even know what Jesus Christ died for.


Infant Salvation


Iraq: A Just War?


Is change of lifestyle a certain proof of regeneration?


Is Greg Elmquist a Christian?


"Is that the gracious God you worship?"


"Is that what a true follower of Christ is? A Calvinist?"


Is there any truth that is not gradually obtained but is immediately obtained upon regeneration?


"Is there anyone besides YOURself, YOUR church assembly, and YOUR family left upon planet earth who is regenerate?"


Is there such a thing as "common grace"?


"Is your Gospel the one preached by the apostles in Acts?"


"It is neither my business nor yours to determine who is regenerate or not."


It's just mysticism.


It's the blood that makes the difference!


It's the ISM issue.


James White and Bill Rutland: Is it Possible For a Non-Christian to Enter Heaven?


James White: More Slander, More Hypocrisy


James White (Alpha and Omega Ministries): Slanderer, False Peace-Speaker, Enemy of God


"Jesus is not talking about imputed righteousness there either."


Joel Beeke and the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation


John Calvin and Martin Luther: Universal Atonement Advocates


John D. Bennett II (Charles Stanley): God-Hating Arminian


"John Fletcher, one of the greatest men of God, John Wesley's follower, was certainly an Arminian."


John Owen speaking peace to those who deny salvation by grace and justification by imputed righteousness


John Pedersen accuses me of slander and is asked to provide proof of his accusation


John Pedersen: "He is speaking as an unbeliever would speak."


John Pedersen's Heresy


John Piper and John Wesley: Brothers in Satan


John Piper's Conditionalism


John Reisinger (Sound of Grace): God-Hating Hypocrite


John Robbins (Trinity Review, Trinity Foundation) denies that Jesus had a material body


John Robbins (Trinity Review, Trinity Foundation): Spineless Hypocrite


Judging by the Gospel


KJV-Only Stupidity


Landmark Baptists - From the Pit of Hell


Learning from Unbelievers


Letter to a man who believes he is unsaved


Letter to "Ask Mr. Dad"


Letter to David Engelsma re: review of From Heaven He Came and Sought Her: Definite Atonement in Historical, Biblical, Theological, and Pastoral Perspective  


Letter to David Engelsma re: review of Arminian Theology: Myths and Realities


Letter to John Simpson


Letter to Michael Bunker


A Letter to My Father


Letter to Roger Evans


Letter to Tim Challies of challies.org


Letters to a Tolerant Calvinist


Letters to D.A. Codling


Letters to Ed Vrell


Letters to Roy Uyenishi


Looking to Christ includes the belief that Christ's work alone demands and ensures one's salvation.


Loraine Boettner did not believe the gospel.


Lust and fornication are evidence of common grace according to the Christian Reformed Church


"May I suggest 'Gnostic'?"


"The men you condemn (in the harshest terms) are the types who will gently lead them out of error."


Modesty and Whorish Dress


More A.A. Hodge damnable heresy


More tolerable for sodomites than self-righteous religionists


Movies and TV


Mt. Zion Publications Chapel Library Free Grace Broadcaster Heresy


"Neal Morse" Forum


Norman Geisler is of Satan.


An OPC member "critiques" OTC


"Of course true believers can stumble at gospel doctrine."


"PCA" Forum


Paul’s Opposing Peter to His Face


Phil Johnson, John MacArthur, Paul Elliot, J. Gresham Machen, Sean Gerety, Paul Owen, and Mormonism


Pithy Comment to Bill O'Relly of The O'Reilly Factor


"Pretty soon you will be the only one teaching truth like other sects."


Previously Established Orthodoxy


"The problem with your position is that you equate believing the gospel with understanding that salvation is the work of God alone and not based conditionally on anything the sinner does."


Problems with the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith


"Pure Calvinism" Forum


Questions about a definition of the gospel


Questions for John Pedersen


Quotes from John Calvin’s Institutes


R.C. Sproul speaks peace to Arminians


R.C. Sproul's "Renewing Your Mind" Forum


"The Reformation Coffee House" Forum


Reformed Roman Catholicism: Luther, Calvin, and New Auburn Theology


"Reformed Theology Discussion" Forum


"Reformed Theology" Forum


The Relation Between the Atonement's Extent and Efficacy


Repentance is not a condition of salvation.


The Repentance that Accompanies Salvation


A Reply to Greg Fields's "The Bane of Neo-Gnostic Calvinism"


"Reprobation Asserted" by John Bunyan full of heresy


Repudiating Wickedness in Child-Rearing


Resisting the Holy Spirit


Response to former friends of a member of our assembly


Review of "Antichrist In Our Midst" by Rand Winburn


Richard Bacon, W. Gary Crampton, The Blue Banner, The Confessional Presbyterian


Richard Mouw: "I'll stick with Spurgeon."


The ridiculous lengths to which followers of John Pedersen will go to preserve their heresy


Samuel Richardson and Joseph Arnoldy Expose Themselves


Sanctification by Works


Schafleism Discerned


School Prayer


Schuller, Dobson, MacArthur, and Self-Worth


Self-righteous religionists who think they're being persecuted for the gospel


Shake off the dust from your feet.


Simple refutation of "common grace"


So what's a little inconsistency?


"So your questions at the end, really are futile; because they are based in reasoning."


So you're one of those people who is constantly repenting of believing and confessing a false gospel.


"Sons of God" Forum


"Some men have written wrong but have not believed that all along."


Southern Presbyterian Heretics: James Henley Thornwell, Robert Lewis Dabney, James Benjamin Green, Clement Read Vaughn, Givens Brown Strickler


"Sovereignty of God" Forum


Spineless Sean Gerety and His Heretical Friends


The "sufficient for all" and "common grace" theories are nonsense.


"TDoG" Forum


"Their ignorance does not render the purpose of God ineffective."


"Theology Web" Forum


"They pray like a Calvinist"


Tim Kauffman (White Horse Publications) on Spurgeon


To Bob Foster of John Pedersen's Sovereign Grace Church


Tolerant Calvinists do not believe that the atonement is part of the gospel.


Tom Adcock (Jesus People Newsletter): Flaming Arminian


Tom Wells: It is true that our works play no part in our salvation, that is, our justification before God. But it is not true that the Scripture teaches that an error in this matter is fatal."


"True Theology" Forum


"TULIP The Flower of Christianity" Forum


Typical of Eager Avenue Grace Church (Bill Parker) types


"Unchained" Forum


An unorthodox proposition about the gospel negates the orthodox proposition.


Unpublished Letter to the Standard Bearer


Unregenerate Believers?


Van Til: "Of course, in Christ Mr. Grey is as white as is Mr. White."


"A watchman trying his best to do his job..."


We believe just the opposite of what you say we believe.


"We know that divorce and remarriage is sin, but cannot understand how separating would evidence salvation, since nothing we can do could ever affect or effect our salvation."


What about those who are mentally retarded or have never heard the gospel?


"What do we mean by 'offer'?"


"What does sola gratia mean?"


What Gene Breed Believes


What Gordon Clark Believed


What James Kirby Believes


What you call "graciousness" and "humility" God calls Satanic.


What you think of your old religion tells whether or not you have truly repented of it.


"When it comes to Calvinists, OTC abandons doctrine and bases salvation conditioned upon whether one speaks peace or not."


When people say that God is so sovereign that he doesn't use means, they actually deny God's sovereignty.


"When you become perfect like Jesus and have perfect knowledge of all things like Jesus then you can judge others lost."


"Where does John 3:16 fit into your belief?"


Which Jesus?


Who here would deny that the atonement occupies the central position in the gospel?


"Will you ultimately label people unredeemed for any and every point of disagreement with what you teach?"


William Huntington, George Ella, James North, and "Experimental Calvinism"


Winnen Russ Exposed


Witnessing to a Universal Atonement Advocate


Wylie Fulton of Truth For Today and Timothy Fellows Jr. of The Angelus: Unregenerate Agents of Satan


"You are guilty of the same error you condemn in others."


"You can't dissect the Bible with pure logical reasoning."


"You have joined the ranks of the Accuser."


You think of gospel doctrines as merely a "theological slant."


"Your website is offensive to people and unloving."