1. Gene believes that people will go to hell for spurning God's love.

2. Gene believes that "world" in John 3:16 includes the reprobate.

3. Gene believes that those who hold that the Bible does not endorse the lie of universal love are "intellectual Calvinists," "mad at God," involved in "Phariseeism," and are trying to "justify God" and that if those who hold to particular love would just "seek the Lord in prayer," that God "can grant you the understanding necessary to receive" the lie of universal love.

4. Gene believes that Paul's desire for the salvation of the Jews is "in the same spirit" as John 3:16's "for God so loved the world."

5. Gene believes that the display of God's "benevolent grace and love" by sending Jesus in the flesh was a provision of love for all humans.

6. Gene believes that God's giving of the talent to the reprobate shows God's love for the reprobate and that the reprobate will be judged (the talent will be taken back) for sinning against God's love.

7. Gene believes that the love that was manifested by Christ crucified for the elect is the same love as the love that "made the rain fall on both our grass and our neighbor's."

8. Gene believes that Jesus loved someone who went to hell.

9. Gene believes that Jesus' weeping over Jerusalem indicated a love for the reprobate.

10. Gene believes that this issue of universal versus particular love "is not as cut and dried as you might want it to be" and is not "as simple as you wish" and that if it were as simple as God loving the elect and hating the reprobate, then "we would have a God simple enough to be understood by puny man," which is "no God at all."

11. Gene believes that if we try to fit every piece of scriptural truth together, we will have contradictions. Thus he believes that holy Scripture, written by God, contains contradictions. This is related to #10 in that Gene believes that God's Truth, as it is revealed in Scripture, cannot be understood and that a God who can be understood as He is revealed in Scripture is no God at all.

12. Gene believes that God initially has a benevolence for the reprobate that becomes wrath at the day of judgment.

13. Gene believes that God loved Ishmael and Judas by providing for their natural needs.

14. Gene believes that God does not hate the devils and the damned as creatures, that God is not an enemy of the devils and the damned because they are the work of His hands, and that God does not absolutely wish evil on the damned.

15. Gene believes that God will judge His people based on their works.

16. Gene believes that your everlasting habitation is based on and depends on your present stewardship.


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