Dear Rand,

I've finally gotten some time to read your book. I have read through Chapter 3 (page 82) and have skimmed the rest. As you asked for feedback, I will give it thus far.

The most valuable part of the book is its quotes. They give the reader a good sense of history. Many are very telling and very helpful.

The down side is that you are not clear on who is saved versus who is lost. This comment might come as a surprise to you, as you're probably thinking that you made it very clear that those in the Roman Catholic church are not saved and that Protestants who come down against the Roman Catholic church are saved. My main problem is with your view of Protestants. You seem to think that anyone who calls himself an evangelical who opposes Roman Catholicism is a Christian. In this way, you have aided the cause of the Great Harlot. The most subtle and dangerous religion is NOT the Roman Catholic church -- it is the religion of Arminianism and of those who call themselves Reformed but who tolerate Arminianism. You fail to mention that almost all of Protestant evangelicalism is part of the Great Whore because they believe, promote, and tolerate the false gospel of salvation conditioned on the sinner.

You even called one of the leaders of the Great Whore a "defender of the faith" (p. 25)!! Perhaps you did this out of ignorance (and I'll currently give you the benefit of the doubt), because maybe you have not read all of what Dave Hunt has said. This is a good example of Satan's subtlety; here is a man who claims to be on the Christian side, and yet he really is a hater of God. And you called him a "prolific Christian author and defender of the faith"!! The truth is that Dave Hunt hates the gospel. This is the most clear in his book Whatever Happened to Heaven? He rejects the doctrines of grace as "a libel upon God's character." This man is no brother of mine; instead, he is part of the Great Whore that he claims to despise. Yet you say, "Despite our differences, this author would align himself with the Dave Hunts of the world in a heartbeat, while strongly opposing the drunken sleeping prophets." Again, I hope this is out of ignorance of what Hunt believes, and that the "differences" about which you are talking are regarding his view of who Antichrist is. I would NEVER align myself with the Dave Hunts of the world, for that would be aligning myself with the GREAT WHORE!

Your condemnation of Billy Graham is based on the fact that he promotes Roman Catholicism, but no mention is made that he is unsaved because of the false doctrines he preaches.

I would like to quote from your book and then comment or ask a question:

"Thus, this book is not an attempt to personally smear or attack the integrity of the Faithful within the Roman Catholic Church." (p. 1)

What do you mean by "the Faithful"? It sounds very much like you are saying that there are good Christian people within the Roman Catholic church.

"Halley's Bible Handbook has sold millions of copies with the endorsement of Christian leaders and teachers spanning decades." (p. 5)

Which "Christian leaders" are these? And how did you make your judgment that these men are Christians?

"If the prisoners evangelized by Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship knew the crimes of the Roman Catholic Church, they, too might not remain complacent and blasé when Mr. Colson propagates spiritual fornication with Rome."

This insinuates that those evangelized by Colson's false gospel are saved and would be opposed to spiritual fornication with Rome if only they knew the Roman Catholic church's crimes. The truth is that Colson preaches a false gospel, and no one is saved under a false gospel.

"The enemy was not outside Israel, but inside, in the camp. Just as the enemy is not outside the Church, but inside, teaching, preaching, transubstantiating, and slaying in the spirit." (p. 12)

The enemy is within the PROTESTANT church as well as within the Roman Catholic church! And the enemy within the PROTESTANT church is much more insidious!!

Regarding the quotes from Christianity Today, CRI, ABS, and Harvest Crusade on pp. 14-15: This is exactly what the so-called Reformed people are saying about Arminians!!

"... one Joan Waste, alert, watchful and sober Christian ... Joan's Christian growth in the word ... Refusing to discontinue her Bible studies, preaching, and contending for the faith ..." (p. 15).

Does the mere fact that Joan Waste opposed Roman Catholicism and was eventually killed mean she was saved? I don't know anything about her, but you mentioned that she was "preaching." What form did this "preaching" take?

"... those neglectful drunken sleeping prophets, whose duty it is to watch and warn the flock, the Lord's little children, against such offenses?" (p. 19)

None of these "drunken sleeping prophets" are even in charge of the Lord's children. All of the Lord's children will not follow these "prophets."

"How can this be? Why do they not see Antichrist and the Bride of Antichrist? This is a great mystery."

It is because they believe the same gospel that the Antichrist does!

"Today this prophecy is fulfilled in the deception called 'The Rapture.' Is there a Christian alive today who has not been thoroughly indoctrinated into this false teaching?" (p. 32)

There are MANY Christians who have never believed in this.

"Make no mistake about it. Christians can and will be deceived. Even the born again prophets and teachers." (p. 32)

The passage to which you are referring -- the one that says "For many shall come in my name saying: I am Christ, and deceive many" -- is NOT talking about Christians being deceived! There will not be a single Christian deceived in this area! All Christians know the true Christ and can distinguish the true from the false. I know you think it means deception in the area of eschatology (which this passage does not support) -- but even if it did mean deception in eschatology, what true Christian do you know of who teaches the rapture? Name even one!

"Many sincere, but errant, Christian leaders and teachers ..." (p. 36)

What "Christian leaders and teachers" are they? Again, name just one person about whom you are writing.

"Although the Catechism authors would have you believe the heart has a memory, it is the mind that, in reality, contains the brain which contains memory." (p. 62)

It seems here that you are trying to make the false dichotomy between the heart and the mind. The heart contains the mind; the heart thinks. The romantic notion of the "heart-head" dichotomy has no support in Scripture.

"Tragically, we have a large contingency of gullible Christian leaders to thank for disseminating this fairy tale so extensively and quickly."

Again, name one of these leaders who was a true Christian.

"R.C. Sproul's Introduction to this apostate Bible version is bogus:"

Glad to see that you recognize the New Geneva Study Bible as apostate; the comments were written by people who claim to be Reformed but who call Arminians their brothers, such as R.C. Sproul and J.I. Packer. Thus, these men are lost.

A couple comments on page 76: Firstly, there were some God-hating Arminians who were in on translating the KJV. Secondly, I'm glad to see that you're coming down against the PCA. Their omission of part of the WCF is not the most heinous sin; the PCA is part of the National Association of Evangelicals, which contains God-hating churches such as the Assemblies of God and the Nazarenes and other Arminian Whore Synagogues of Satan.

"Thus, C.I. is without excuse for having mislead myriads of Christians away from the true and ever present papal Antichrist." (p. 78)

C.I. Scofield promoted a false gospel in his notes. There is no true Christian who is deceived by C.I. Scofield.

"Jesus Christ has not, nor will He ever, lose one of those the Father has given Him, save the false Apostle, Judas, the son of perdition, Antichrist and his church, all of whom were destined to destruction beforehand." (p. 82)

What do you mean by the word "save" in that sentence?

"Why the lukewarm spirit in the Body of Christ, His Church?" (p. 82)

There is no lukewarm spirit in the true Body of Christ, the true Church. Those who are in the true church recognize all those who believe a false gospel, including Roman Catholics and Arminians, as lost.

And finally, you mentioned the word "sheep" several times. Whenever I see the word "sheep" as it relates to biblical terms, I think of the elect or those who have been saved. Is that what you mean in the following passages (my underlining):

"What, exactly, was this esteemed shepherd and his numerous cohorts trying to hide from the dumb sheep?" (p. 5)

"But most importantly, the identity of Antichrist and Mystery Babylon as described in the Book of The Revelation would have been made known to 750,000 ignorant sheep." (p. 9)

"Uninformed sheep become misinformed sheep through the erroneous teachings of these biased, unperceptive tutors." (p. 10)

"Yet instead of truthfully preaching to the deceived sheep of Rome ..." (p. 19)

"Many sincere, but errant, Christian leaders and teachers would have the sheep believe the referred to Scriptures teach both the secret Rapture of the Church and the Holy Spirit as that which hinders." (p. 36)

As I think you can tell by now, this is not a book I can endorse. It does not give the antithesis between saved and lost within Protestantism clearly enough, and states that a member of the whore church is saved. If you agree with me on these things, perhaps you could write another edition of the book.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Marc D. Carpenter


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