So here's your definition of the gospel:

<<the gospel is that Jesus died and rose again for the salvation of sinners.>>

Okay. Let's go through this point-by-point.

JESUS -- who or what is Jesus?

DIED -- of what did this death consist?

ROSE AGAIN -- of what did this rising again consist?

FOR -- does this mean an actual accomplishment or a possibility?

SALVATION -- of what does this salvation consist?

SINNERS -- what are sinners?

Other questions about this definition of the gospel:

What did Jesus's dying and rising again actually ACCOMPLISH for sinners? Or does the gospel not address this?

Does the gospel address whether or not sinners can be saved in any other way?

Does the gospel address the fact that sinners are totally unable and unwilling to be saved in and of themselves?

Soli Deo Gloria,



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