Dear Roger,

Thanks for writing. You wrote:

<<After reading through most of your website over the last few days I am left with but one question: Is there anyone besides YOURself, YOUR church assembly, and YOUR family left upon planet earth who is regenerate?>>

Praise God, there are many people besides myself, our assembly, and my family who are regenerate. They are throughout the world, from every tribe, kindred, tongue, and nation. We are continuing to find such people, and we rejoice when we do. God still has His people, His remnant, who refuse to be a part of the Great Whore. We all go through very similar kinds of persecution and ridicule for proclaiming and judging by the true gospel. It is truly a blessing to find them. Our web site and newsletter has been used of God to bring brothers and sisters in Christ together from all over the globe. Our assembly is only a very small part of the multitudes of believers. Our assembly is not the only assembly that believes and preaches the truth. We are the only one in our area that we know of; if there were another in our area, we would most certainly join them. True Christian unity is a blessed thing.

Thanks again for writing.

To God alone be the glory,

Marc D. Carpenter


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