Dear Steve,

In the article to which you referred, it says,

<<It is undeniable except by arrogant men that true believers like those of the Galatian church whom Paul addressed as authentic brethren (Gal 1:11) (as opposed to the false "brethren" (Gal 2:4)) can stumble in this matter of justification by grace alone. Of course true believers can stumble at gospel doctrine. Peter, Barnabas, and even Paul are stark examples. BUT THEY NEVER STAY STUMBLED! God always sends a preacher, even to Peter, for correction, for rebuke, for reproof, for instruction. Peter was not walking uprightly according to the truth of the gospel (Gal 2:14)! He STUMBLED. Any man who says he can never stumble in this most important gospel doctrine is proud and boastful. If God let's you go, YOU WILL GO BACK. You WILL backslide all the way to "free-will" religion IF God was determined to leave you to yourself. Be not highminded but FEAR!>>

I guess you'll have to call me arrogant, proud, and boastful, because there is NO WAY that a true believer can stumble into believing in justification by grace plus works. What is put forth in this paragraph and the paragraph above it is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. See and . I do NOT stand with you.



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