In Bill Parker's latest newsletter, he mentioned that he preached at Henry Mahan's church and Henry Mahan will be preaching at his church. He said in an article that "The following is from lessons and outlines I received many years ago when I was a student in the preacher's school conducted by Pastor Henry Mahan of the Thirteenth Street Baptist Church in Ashland, KY." It is obvious what Parker now thinks of Mahan.

Yet in an e-mail from 10/24/99 that was reiterated in an e-mail of 12/16/99, David Adkins, a member of Bill Parker's church, said the following about Mahan (and Fortner):

<<These men mentioned, especially Henry Mahan and Fortner have,over the last 10 years, caused Bill and I much grief and sorrow by their compromise of the Truth and lack of true godly love for those who do stand uncompromisingly for God's Gospel.

Henry is the ringleader of them all. I know these things first hand. I sat under his preaching for five years. He has an ungodly power over some preachers and people, not based on the doctrine of Christ (which he belittles), but based on his powerful personality and speaking abilities. If he says it it is true no matter what God's word says. They don't let God's testimony get in the way of their theology and unscriptural sayings. Their preaching is yea and nay, downing true doctrine as hard, cold and dead. They promote ungodly doubt under the guise of humility.

Most all their messages are taken from Spurgeons sermons, who we know did not preach the gospel, Rom. 1:16-17. They teach a mystical relationship with the Person of Christ apart from his doctrine, which we know is impossible. Men go from being servants of sin to servants of righteousness when they believe from the heart, (the mind, affections and will) that form of doctrine which is preached to them. They don't believe that anyone ignorant of and not submitted the righteousness of God is lost. This specific doctrine Rom. 10:1-3 They teach that all one must know is that he is a guilty sinner and Christ came to save sinners. Their preaching will not expose the awful sin that deceives us all by nature. It is not geared toward bringing a sinner to repentance from former idolatry and dead works. They actually make fun of these terms and say we have made a god out of righteousness. They separate the mind and the heart and say one can believe in the heart what he does not know in the mind! DEADLY!

Now when Bill, Larry Simpson, Wayne Robinson and I (especially Bill) began preaching messages stressing the importance of knowing the doctrine of Christ, no salvation without it, especially the doctrine taught in Rom. 10:1-4, Rom.6:17-18, II Jn. 7-9 the very righteousness of God which is revealed in the gospel if it is truly preached. It went against the theme of their messages and quaint, unscriptural sayings. And they came out against us with a vengeance. Not us, but God's tesimony. They merely saw us(mainly Bill) as going against Henry, no matter what God's word said. Thus it gave rise to such wicked sermons as the one you read by Montgomery. Both Henry and Fortner praised that message as one of the greatest sermons on saving knowledge they had ever heard, and went about with much zeal to promote it, as you see.

One of them, (I think Fortner) recently told a man in NY that we and two others were a rebel group and would be better off to have no contact with Eager Ave. Grace Church, that we had redefined the gospel to where we had excluded everybody - even him. I know why they call us rebels. Because we will not say amen to their heresy, unscriptural teachings, and doctrines of men, primarily Henry.

The only reason I would tell a man to have no contact with a pastor or certain group is if they were preaching and promoting a false gospel, and speaking peace where there is no peace. How about you?

As to speaking peace where there is no peace, they do! Henry said he could make a good case for Arminians being saved.

And his followers say amen.

Marc, don't merely take my word on this. Order some of their messages and see if what I'm telling you is not so. I not only listened to their messages, but studied them intently the first part of the 80's. From the messages I have heard recently they have gone from bad to worse. Not even wood, hay and stubble, but less than useless messages. I know all but one of those men preaching in Fortners conference(Elmquist), and none of them consistently preach the Gospel. They will, as a rule, leave out the vital doctrines of the gospel and implications and conclusions thereof. If Paul had not drawn implications and conclusions for the Galatians they would have continued in the false gospel. "If ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing." Seems a serious implication and conclusion to me, which we must draw for those who hear us.

This has exhausted me. I feel so sorry for these men, whom we once thought were solid, faithful, dogmatic, uncompromising gospel preachers. We have suffered the reproach of Christ from them. And you will to if you expose their error for what it is. You notice, they will not have Bill preach in their conferences. It's not the message they embrace or desire to hear or want their people to hear. I do not recommend them to anyone, only because of their unscriptural teachings and doctrines of men.>>

So now Bill Parker is PROMOTING a man who, in the words of a member of his own church, teaches deadly doctrine, downs true doctrine, doesn't believe that anyone ignorant of and not submitted to the righteousness of God is lost, speaks peace where there is no peace, and said he could make a good case for Arminians being saved.

PRAISE GOD for taking us away from the man/ministry that temporarily transformed himself/itself as an angel of light! As Bill Parker himself said, the transformers will always eventually show themselves to be of the devil!

To God alone be the glory,

Marc D. Carpenter


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