We do not allow our children to play with toy guns or pretend to shoot each other. We also do not allow them to play with things like toy tanks, toy fighter jets, toy submarines with weapons on them ... you get the idea. No toys with weapons.

We do not allow our children to read books or watch shows that contain occultism such as "magic" or "wizards" or anything like that.

We do not allow our children to read books or watch shows that endorse the worldly view of "romance". The animated Disney movies are especially heinous when it comes to promoting this and having the females dressed like whores.

Another thing we have very strong convictions about is the whole "boy-girl" thing that is so prevalent in society, even among little boys and girls. We repudiate the notion of "boyfriends" and "girlfriends", even when it is "innocent" (yeah, right) between little children. And we repudiate the condoning of "flirting" (or people saying that the children are "flirting"). And here's something that gets me: have you ever heard an adult come up to a little baby or toddler and say "you're such a flirt" or "he's flirting with me"? Sometimes people don't even think of the implications of that, yet they will even go so far as to say, "Look at him, flirting with a married woman" or some such obviously sexual thing. It's repulsive.

Violence, magic, and sex are really at the forefront of our society, and we as Christians really need to be very careful and diligent and watchful, especially when it comes to our children.


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