<<Why do you assume i am not saved? Do you not know that if i am indeed one of God's elect i have already been saved from before the foundation of the world. all that is being accomplished in me is merely the work of sanctification by God giving me more and more grace whereby i am comformed into his immage. I praise God that He no longer allows me to believe a lie. Forgive me if i am incorrect but you almost sound as if when a person believes correct theology that is when he becomes fully "saved". That almost smells of salvation by works. Now I do believe that God will not let His chirldren continue in believing a lie - they will eventually be confronted with the truth and if they reject the truth then clearly they are not of the elect. But what of those that are currently believing a lie (though they unknowingly to us are truely of God's elect) are we to judge them as unregenerate God haters. Does anyone really know who God has elected unto salvation?

Could you be unknowingly be judging some of the elect of God as those being condemed. By no means do I say that we should speak peace to them but do we have the right to condem them? I can basicly agree with everything in your (not your beliefs but actual truth as stated in the Word of God) stated beliefs.I just have a problem with condemming people rather than condemming their false beliefs. How can we know who is God's elect. Basicly this is the only point i am still uncertain with>>.

Dear Kenny,

It seems that you are confusing regeneration and election. I encourage you to read www.outsidethecamp.org/fte34.htm . There are three kinds of people in the world -- the unregenerate reprobate, the unregenerate elect, and the regenerate elect. From this, we see that among those who are unregenerate, some are elect and some are reprobate. Christians are not to judge an unregenerate person to be reprobate (non-elect). That is not for us to know; only God knows this. Christians are only to judge whether or not someone is regenerate or unregenerate. When I judge someone to be unregenerate, I am not saying that this person is necessarily reprobate. So when I judge you to be unregenerate, I am not saying you are not one of the elect. I hope you are one of the elect! The reason I have judged you to be unregenerate is that you are still searching for the truth of the gospel and have not yet found it and do not believe that you were unregenerate when you believed Arminianism. Please see the article "Gospel Repentance" at www.outsidethecamp.org/gosprep.htm .

It also seems that you are confused about the order of salvation. God chooses a person from before the foundation of the world. But that does not mean that he has been regenerated from before the foundation of the world. He is conceived as an unregenerate person. At some point in his life, he is born again (regenerated). At that time, God causes him to believe the truth of the gospel and to repent of believing a false gospel. Those who believe the lie of a false gospel have not yet been regenerated. Those who have not yet repented of believing the lie of a false gospel have not yet been regenerated.

I do not condemn anyone to hell. That is not my business. Only God knows who, among those who are unregenerate, are on their way to hell. It is my business to judge people as unregenerate who do not believe the gospel and have not repented of believing a false gospel. Some of these unregenerate people might be among the elect. If they are, then at some point in their lives, God will regenerate them and cause them to believe the truth and repent of the lie. At this point, you believe that you continued believing a false gospel of salvation conditioned on the sinner after God saved you. This shows that you are not yet regenerate. I hope this clarifies things. If not, please feel free to ask more questions.

Take care,



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