Check this out. Lust and fornication is evidence of common grace, according to the Christian Reformed Church (CRC)! The following is from "Ice-Cream Evidence" by David Feddes, in The Radio Pulpit from The Back To God Hour, Volume 40, Number 7, July 1995, a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America:

"[E]very refreshing rainfall, every crop and garden, every hearty meal, every experience that makes you feel good, everything that fills your heart with happiness -- all these things are actually signals from God himself, displays of his character, proof of his kindness, evidence of his love and care. ... [Ho]w often have you heard that the good times you enjoy, your moments of sheer happiness, are evidence of a God of great kindness, a God who specializes in happiness? ... Creation also testifies to God's kindness and eagerness to fill our lives with joy and happiness. ... God testifies to people who don't know anything about him by filling their stomachs with food and their hearts with joy. Why does the sun feel so good? Why does that ice cream taste so good? Why does that hamburger on the grill smell so good? Why does that lake or mountain look so splendid? Why do birds and brooks make such beautiful music? ... Why is the attraction between boys and girls so powerful and exciting? ... Eating, recreation, falling in love, celebrating with family -- all these are signals from the Lord about what kind of God he is and how he is "loving toward all he has made" (Psalm 145:13, 17). You know what all of this means? It means that even if you've never gone into a church, even if you've never opened a Bible, even if you don't believe in God at all, you're having religious experiences all the time. God is continually sending signals and dropping hints and giving you a taste of his kindness and goodness. ... Maybe your greatest happiness is in physical pleasure. You live for food and sex and excitement. ... But God didn't invent pleasure as a replacement for himself. He created it as an appetizer to lead us to himself and to our greatest pleasure in knowing him. ... The signals God sends us can be very intense and beautiful and enjoyable. ... So, my friend, when you experience intense happiness, you are having a religious experience whether you want to admit it or not. ... You see how God has been kind to you all along, and the evidence he's been providing you begins to draw you toward him. ... God has many ways of communicating, but his supreme and final communication is himself, in the person of Jesus. God gives many good gifts, but his supreme gift is his Son. God has many ways of filling your heart with happiness, but these are just appetizers for the full and eternal happiness that comes when your heart is full of Jesus."

Can you believe this junk? Lust and fornication are "appetizers" to lead people to the greatest pleasure of knowing God! And in addition to the "common grace" in lust and fornication, the "common grace" (which comes ultimately from the cross) in the smell of a grilled burger, the taste of ice cream, and everything that makes people feel good is evidence that God is drawing a person toward him. Only common-gracers could come up with such hogwash.


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