Chris D. wrote:

<<Hey Marc, I received the new OTC and read your article on common grace. It was "solid." I liked on page 7, how you dealt with the so-called common gracer "proof text," Mathew 5:44-48. After reading that section, I thought to myself: If the rain that goes "pitter-patter" means common grace, then what about the rain that doesn't sound so "nice"?>>

Exactly! And if the torrential, devastating rains mean "common curse," then God is actually showing hatred not only toward the reprobate but ALSO toward *His people* when He brings the torrential, devastating rains on them! That's the problem when the common-gracers say that grace is in *things.*

Everything God brings on His people is grace to them.

Everything God brings on the reprobate is a curse to them.

The same thing can happen to the wicked and to the righteous, and it is a curse to one and grace to the other.

It's really simple, isn't it? Yet the "theologians" tell us that it's not so black and white, that we have to consider and appreciate those subtle nuances of gray.

Yeah, right.

To God alone be the glory,



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