You wrote:

<<It is neither my business nor yours to determine who is regenerate or not.>>

Oh. Okay. So it is not your business to determine a Muslim or a Hindu or a Mormon or a Satanist or a Buddhist or an atheist to be unregenerate. You don't judge any of them to be unregenerate, eh? I guess you cannot obey the command not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers, since you cannot judge who the unbelievers are. All true Christians make such judgments. See "Righteous Judgment" at www.outsidethecamp.org/rightjudg.htm .

<<The thought I wished to convey was that your attitude was that of a Pharisee who "tithes mint and cumin" but leaves off to show mercy, those who strain at gnats and swallow camels.>>

See the article "What is a Pharisee?" at www.outsidethecamp.org/pharisee.htm .



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