Dear William,

You have totally misrepresented our position. In fact, we believe just the opposite of what you say we believe. My comments are in black.

<<Dear Marc,

It is with a heavy heart, that I have poured over GOSPEL ATONEMENT from OUTSIDE THE vol.7 No.2.

It is clear to me that you have taken a marvelous tenet of grace and through pride, stand as the publican, " I thank God, that I am not as other men",>>

You mean the Pharisee. Please read "What is a Pharisee?" at .

<<for unto me and a few others I have raised a standard never implied by our Lord and Savior, that makes salvation impossibly given to anyone, even the elect; for if the gospel is required knowledge, prior to salvation, and understanding is received only through the work of the Holy Spirit a conundrum seems to be the result.>>

We do NOT believe that the gospel is required knowledge prior to salvation!!!! May it NEVER BE! Knowledge of the gospel is NOT, I repeat, NOT a condition or prerequisite to salvation!!! You either do not understand what we are saying, or you are intentionally lying about what we believe.

Please read the following things that show you what we believe about such a thing:

Doctrinal Regeneration

An Open Letter to Credenda/Agenda

A Review of "Are All Arminians Unsaved?"

The Thief on the Cross

Some Form of Perfectionism?

<<It is my understanding that the stony heart must be replaced with a heart of flesh, that the sword, the Word of God may penetrate. If God indeed changes the heart first, that the unregenerate man may understand and believe, and no man can resist the will of God; has God convicted and regenerated one, not of the elect, of which I am sure offends your understanding.

I am reminded of the individual who ate a piece of pie and later was asked to prove that it was he that ate the pie. His response was: it may never be proven that I ate the pie, but that I ate the pie and that it is now part of me can never be honestly denied by me. It is in the partaking of the Grace of God that all in the world can deny, but the one to whom has been granted this grace. I am thinking of the changed lives to whom only the Grace of God is claimed. It is the drunkard, the violent, the drug addict, and so on that show their lives to be completly changed and dedicated to the pleasing of their Savior that must then question; are you ready to say that this work of the Holy Spirit, was accomplished by Satan, or other than that of our Lord. I would hope that it is not the case.>>

There are many people whose lives have been outwardly changed from immorality to morality who remain dead in their sins. This includes everyone who has "converted" to a false gospel of salvation conditioned on the sinner.

<<I am reminded of Paul saying; that he would give his life and salvation, if it were possible, that his native Jews would be saved. I see in that the love of God for those who would not. It is in this context that I do not see the love for others, though ignorante of your standard set for salvation, and the concearn, only condemnation.>>

Please read "True and False Love (1)" at . If a doctor knows that a patient has a disease and tells him that everything is okay, is that love? Or is it love for the doctor to tell the patient he has the disease and then show him the cure? It would be HATRED for that doctor to tell the patient that everything is okay. It is HATRED to tell the universal atonement advocate that everything is okay. It is LOVE to tell him that he is unregenerate and his deeds are evil and preach the gospel to him.

<<You will know them for they show love one to another.>>

Yes, love for the BROTHERS. Please read "True and False Love (2)" at .

To God alone be the glory,

Marc D. Carpenter


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