And from the "Popular Christianity is Disgusting" files:

Wanna know what "Christian" Valentine's Day is all about? Here is an excerpt from the latest Christian Book Distributors catalog for a book under the category of "Valentine's Day":

==Stories for a Romantic Heart Compiled by Alice Gray. Do you still have that musty, timeworn letter from your first beau? ,,, If you're a hopleless romantic, you'll cherish the 25 faith-filled stories in this heartwarming collection ...==

We know what "first beau" is implying. It is implying that the "first beau" isn't one's current husband but is that "first boyfriend" that a woman had. It's like when a "Christian" author encourages the reader to reminisce about her "first kiss." This should be utterly disgusting to every Christian. Some think this is just "harmless reminiscing," especially if there was nothing but hand-holding and kissing (no sexual intercourse). But it is utterly evil and wicked. Why would a Christian look back with fondness on such wickedness? THAT'S what "being romantic" is all about.

Which reminds me ... people like John Reisinger would call me a cultist for saying that Christians should throw away their old high school yearbooks with all the wicked writing from all your wicked former friends that reminded you of your old wicked times. He says it's just like a cult leader to tell people to deny their past and believe that their life started when they met the cult leader. But what would a Christian want to have these reminders around for, anyway? Would a Christian want to look back with fondness on such times, wishing to relive them?

And if you want to fill up the rest of the "Popular Christianity is Disgusting" vault, all you have to do is look at the "Christian Romance" section of your local "Christian" bookstore or see the descriptions of them on the Christian Book Distributors web site, such as:

"Jordan Ferguson and Shawna Frye became good friends a few months back--when Jordan made it on the cheerleading team and started hanging with a new group of friends. That's how the Timothy Lawrence incident happened. ... When Timothy suddenly dumps Shawna--to start seeing Jordan--rumors start flying. Shawna gets her revenge, first by smearing her former friend's reputation. Then she steals back Timothy by tempting him with an offer he can't refuse. Jordan feels absolutely green with envy--so much so that she considers doing everything in her power to get him back. Everything. Luckily, her old friend Kara Hendricks has been down that road too and knows Someone who just might be able to help Jordan as well."

"When the young, handsome Dannan MacKay comes to Tucker Mills to take over the practice of his uncle, Doc MacKay, he feels welcomed by the town, the church family, and his patients. ... Yet the one woman Dannan is drawn to cannot be his."

"Jace Randall is a hard-working young man, so Uncle Woody gladly hires him to help at the family sawmill. Jace wastes no time learning his craft---or falling in love with the girl next door! Will wedding bells follow? Not if Jace's meddling sister can help it."

"History and romance are all wrapped up in these two holiday novellas. Mayhem ensues when don't-tie-me-down men are lassoed by unexpected love in small-town Cut Corners, Texas."

"Because his near-perfect life is lacking something, on his 38th birthday Scott Williams has just one wish---to meet the woman of his dreams! Then the rugged business executive meets author Jennifer St. James strolling along the beach. Behind her beauty hides a heart mourning her late husband. Is she the answer to Scott's prayers?"

"A gripping story of human relationships, passionate love, faith and spiritual testing. Set in the world of high finance, intrigue, and international terrorism, the lives of David, Jonathan, and Leah intermingle on many levels - especially their relationship with one another and God. Immersed in her research, Leah Beaumont has no time to fall in love. Undaunted, Jonathan Grante falls in love with her. Challenged and fascinated by her French-Jewish background, he pursues her with determination. David Rothman, a Penn State gymnast, is also smitten by this Jewish girl. As he seeks her friendship and affection, an emotional triangle is set up that begs to be resolved. As the two men tangle with each other in a rising whirlwind of excitement and danger, each hopes to win the fight for Leah's love. One of these rivals will move Leah to a level of commitment and love she has never imagined - or dared to dream. Whom will she choose?"

"Against her better judgment, young widow Clemma Laird finds herself attracted to Dr. Paul Blaine, a man shunned by the community. As she is drawn into Dr. Blaine's life work, she discovers the truth of his shocking past and the pain that drives him to seek atonement. Will God use Paul's suffering to change Clemma?"

"Not able to ignore his traveling companion's plight, Edward abandons his goal of going on to England and disembarks with Denely and Osborne. He never dreams that his association with them will lead to the mysterious Nicola Bettencourt, a woman who captivates and confounds him in equal measures."

"Soon after aspiring author Amy Hawkins moves from New York City to sleepy Coldwater, Montana, her shy horse-farmer neighbor, Jake Winters, and a handsome carpenter, Ben Callan, start vying for her attention. But when the beautiful Mallory Powers is hired to train horses for Jake, will it create a love triangle that's destined to bring grief?"

What's the difference between these "Christian" romance novels and the worldly ones, other than that the "Christian" ones aren't explicit? There's still sexual attraction and innuendo everywhere! It's soft-porn for pseudo-Christians!





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