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<<hey, what's up? i don't normally reply, but i just read you said "our website" so did anyone here write that article marc posted about a year ago? fyi, i did find it intriguing and replied to it in other groups..>>

Hi, this is Marc here. I wrote the article that I posted. You can also find it at .

<<would you consider the arminian gospel "another gospel"? i do, but then again, how would the arminians be saved through another gospel, "which is NO gospel AT ALL," if it is indeed what Paul describes as another gospel, second question..>>

How would the Arminians be saved through another gospel? They WOULDN'T! Only the TRUE GOSPEL is the power of God unto salvation to those believing.

<<would you consider the arminian Jesus a different Jesus? i do, but then again, how would the arminians be saved by "another Jesus"?>>

How would the Arminians be saved by "another Jesus"? They WOULDN'T! Arminians believe in a false christ. They believe in a false god. They believe in a false holy spirit. They believe in a false gospel. They are not saved.

<<there's got to be a boundary or distinction between someone ignorant of their doctrine or bible and subscribing to another gospel, and even heresy, yet saved by the death, burial, resurrection alone, 1C 15, and someone not ignorant and doing the where in scripture do you draw the line? and, do you? well, it appears the author of the article said it was not possible to hold to the arminian heresy, which is another gospel, and be saved at the same time, but i would take it a step further and suggest it is also another Jesus.>>

Most definitely it is another jesus. There is a Scripture passage that talks about ignorance of the gospel, and that is Romans 10:1-4. Those who are ignorant of the gospel are lost. There is also an article entitled "Deadly Ignorance" at the Outside the Camp web site. You can find it at .

<<i would like to know what scripture you believe best supports either position. the scripture i use is Gal 1 and 2Cor 11:3-4. i'm not looking for opinions of men, but scripture alone. i do believe arminians can be saved, but i think it's a heart issue, which makes me wonder if they are truly following another gospel and Jesus if they can be saved.>>

There is not a single saved Arminian. Yes, it is a heart issue, and their hearts are wicked. If you're looking for Scripture, there is plenty of Scripture in the article "Deadly Ignorance." Please read it. Arminians are truly following another gospel and another jesus. There is no way that they are saved. CAN they be saved? Certainly! God saves Arminians! But once He saves them, they are no longer Arminians! They no longer believe that Christ died for everyone without exception! They no longer believe in salvation conditioned on the sinner! They believe the true gospel of salvation conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ alone!

To God alone be the glory,

Marc D. Carpenter


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