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<<I think my next correspondence with you shall be my own personal testimony of how the Lord Jesus lifted me out of the living hell of a 14-year drug addiction and put my feet back on the Rock to stay, and of the grace that has sustained me in the intervening years, now 18 years since. It is, to me at least, an extraordinary witness to the divine grace that reaches out to us, and of the loving mercy of our Good Shepherd. I will simply recount for you what God has done through Jesus Christ in my life, and see if you still are of the condemnatory stance about those evil Arminians.>>

No need to tell me about your reformations and changes in your character and conduct. This can happen without belief of the true gospel, without regeneration. Just look at those who have converted to Islam. Many of them used to be druggies and sex addicts, and once they became Muslims, their lives changed. They became sincere and moral. This means NOTHING about their spiritual state.

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An excerpt from the latter sermon:

<<So what is God's attitude toward those who are dead in their sins and who are void of righteousness? Look back at Ephesians 2, at the end of verse 3. What does it say we were by nature? CHILDREN OF WRATH. As we saw in the first message of this series, God will not fellowship with those who have no righteousness. And it goes even further than that. He can ONLY SHOW WRATH to those who have no righteousness. This is why, when we were dead in trespasses and sins, we were children of wrath. We were under God's wrath. And look at the very end of verse 3. It says, "even as the rest." This shows that everyone without exception by nature is a child of wrath. They are under God's curse. Everything they do is under a curse.

Now someone might ask, "Everything they do is cursed? Don't they do at least a little bit of good? Isn't God pleased with some of what unsaved people do? Are you saying that God doesn't bless them or have some kind of mercy upon them?" My answer is, This isn't just my opinion; it's revealed by GOD. And if you have a problem with it, you have a problem with God. Let's see what God says. Turn to Psalms 14:2-3 (Read). Part of this is quoted in Romans 3. There is NONE doing good. Now let's turn to Matthew 7:18 (Read). What does this say about a corrupt tree? It's very obvious - a corrupt tree CANNOT bring forth good fruit. It is an IMPOSSIBILITY. But someone might ask, "Isn't an unbeliever doing good when he is kind to others? What about if he's kind to the environment or to his animals?" Let's look at Proverbs 12:10 (Read). Even the MERCIES of the wicked are CRUEL! His so-called goodness to others is actually CRUELTY in God's sight! Again, there is NONE doing good, and a corrupt tree CANNOT bring forth good fruit. Let's turn to Hebrews 11:6 (Read). It is IMPOSSIBLE for unbelievers to please God. Do you see any exceptions in here? Does an unbeliever's so-called good deeds or acts of kindness please God? God says that is an IMPOSSIBILITY. And if it is impossible for an unbeliever to ever please God, what is God's attitude toward those who do not please Him? ONLY A CURSE. NEVER a blessing. Let's turn to Proverbs 3:33 (Read). The house of the wicked is CURSED. Is everything he does CURSED? Let's turn to Deut. 28:15-19 (Read). Sounds pretty comprehensive, doesn't it?

Now remember - The Bible isn't talking just about the immoral pervert when it talks about those who are dead in their sins, who are slaves to sin, who are bringing forth fruit unto death, who cannot bring forth good fruit, who cannot please God, and who are under God's curse. It is ALSO talking about the one who is doing his best to obey God and to be moral and dedicated and sincere but who does not believe the gospel. Paul's testimony about himself is the most vivid example. In Philippians 3, he shows that he was not an immoral pervert when he was lost; in fact, he was just the opposite. He was a moral, sincere, zealous, religious person. Yet because he did not believe the gospel then, Paul counted all that but loss. And look what he says in Romans 7:5: "For when we were in the flesh, the passions of sin were working in our members THROUGH THE LAW for the bearing of fruit unto death." What was Paul's fruit unto death before he was saved? It was his LAW-KEEPING. Paul, although he was moral and religious, was dead in his sins, was a slave to sin, was bringing forth fruit unto death, could not bring forth good fruit, could not please God, and was under God's curse. Proverbs 15:8 says that the sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to God. It's all an abomination, even if it comes in the name of Christ. The so-called "Christians" of our day who claim to love and worship God but who do not believe the gospel are bringing forth fruit unto death. All of their prayers, all of their preaching, all of their giving, all of their singing, all of their hard work, all of their zeal, all of their outreach to the poor, all of their evangelism, all of their witnessing, all of their pro-life work, all of their anti-homosexual work, all of their morality, all of their dedication, all of their supposed kindnesses to their spouses and their children and their neighbors, all of their religious education, all of their decrying of sex and violence in the media, all of their decrying liberalism, all of their letters to the editor, all of their volunteering, all of their modesty, all of their abstaining from foul language and fornication and drunkenness and gluttony, all of their tears of joy, all of their tears of remorse, all of their happiness, all of their sadness, all of their home-schooling, all of their home-churching, all of their stands against Roman Catholicism and Mormonism and Buddhism and Islam and the New Age Movement, all of their separating from corrupt churches, all of their proclamations of the doctrines of grace, all of their ENTIRE LIVES are an ABOMINATION to God. They have a zeal, alright, but it is not according to knowledge. They are ever learning but never able to come to a knowledge of the truth. The state of the religious unbeliever who comes in the name of conservative Christianity, even in the name of the doctrines of grace, is the same as the state of the irreligious, unconcerned, immoral liberal homosexual. In fact, Jesus Christ said that it would be more tolerable in the day of judgment for the sodomite than it would be for the moral religionist who does not believe the gospel. >>

Those moral, zealous, religious Arminians who, like you, have "cleaned up their lives," are still as vile, as wicked, as evil, as the worst pervert on the face of the earth.



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