As the editor of Outside the Camp, I would like to respond.

1. You name the post "Calvinists against Calvin." This is not true. We are not Calvinists.

2. You mention our "Heterodoxy Hall of Shame," saying that we believe these people are "hellbound." This is not true. Among those who are unregenerate, we do not know who will end up in hell. That is not for us to know. What we do know is that people who confess a false gospel are unregenerate. We do not know if God will regenerate them at some point later in their lives. We do not know if Calvin is in hell; God could have regenerated him after he made those statements.

3. The commenter says that we display "spiritual arrogance." This is not true. Please see the sermon "True and False Humility" at .

4. The commenter says that we assume our "own infallibility." This is not true. We constantly fall short of the righteousness God requires. We are far from infallible. We sin and need to repent of our sin.

So, these four items show that we have been misrepresented. I wonder if the misrepresenters will do anything about it. I doubt it. Slander is a favorite tool of those who hate the truth.

To God alone be the glory,

Marc D. Carpenter


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