As our family was traveling yesterday, we listened to a radio talk show on the so-called "pros and cons" of home-schooling. One person called in and said he was home-schooled for part of his teenage years and that he "missed the socialization" that public school provided. And what was the example he gave of that great socialization that he missed? "I didn't have a prom"! Yes, that great bastion of wicked socialization, the prom, is seen as the crown jewel of public school. THANK GOD my children are missing out on this "socialization"! It's usually the socialization question that comes up when we talk to people about our home-schooling our children. And what's my typical answer? The socialization that comes with congregate-setting schooling one of the BEST reasons to STAY AWAY from it! What kind of socialization do children get in congregate-setting schools? Cliques, popularity contests, dances, ostracizing and making fun of those who are different, emphasis on looks and fashion, the wicked boyfriend-girlfriend and dating scene, sexual talk, immodest dress, fitting in, bullying and being bullied, and on and on. THAT'S the "great socialization" that congregate-setting-schooled children are getting. We want our children to have no part of that, and any parents who want their children to be part of that are actually hating their children. No, our children don't have a prom -- and they don't have any of the other junk as well. They were just thanking us the other day for not sending them out into congregate-setting schools. And we told them that it's because we love them and are being obedient to God in the raising of our children.

To God alone be the glory,



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