There is not just ONE form of "Hyper-Calvinism". The term "Hyper-Calvinism" cannot be boxed into your narrow definition. I have always understood it to mean in general ANY teaching by a church or individual (regardless of whether or not they identify themselves with the titles "Calvinist" or "Reformed") that claims to embrace the core teachings commonly held by the historic Reformed Confessions ("the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace"), but who distorts or goes beyond those teachings to the point of promoting spiritually unhealthy, theologically heretical or dangerously unbalanced doctrines & practices.

The "Hyper-Calvinism" of the majority of the Primitive Baptists (a.k.a. "Hardshell Baptists"), for example, is much different from the "Hyper-Calvinism" of the Netherlands Reformed Denomination (the denomination renowned scholar Dr. Joel R. Beeke left due to its "Hyper-Calvinism"). The Primitive Baptists (many of whom despise being called "Calvinists", nonetheless "Hyper-Calvinists") for the most part believe what you defined as "Hyper-Calvinism" above, but also so radically separate the Gospel from regeneration that they believe many pagans and members of other cults and false religions who will die while still embracing their false beliefs are nonetheless members of God's elect and will enter Heaven. The Netherlands Reformed Denomination's brand of "Hyper-Calvinism" has an opposite impact (they have a MUCH smaller view of Heaven). Although having an orthodox view of the necessity to embrace Christ and His Gospel, they rob the majority of Christians (even those who doctrinally agree with them on every issue) of the assurance of salvation. I've heard from former NRC members that during a worship service in a congregation of thousands it is typical that only a small handful partake in the Lord's Table, the vast majority doubting their own salvation, even if they are repentant, faithful disciples in most aspects. I believe that your radical view of denying Christian brotherhood to EVERYONE who does not understand ALL of the "Doctrines of Grace" (exactly as YOU define them), and even ALL those who embrace some of these individuals as brethren, creates a smaller Heaven than even the NRC has created, sows seeds of discord among the brethren, attacks many for whom Christ shed His precious blood, and may rightfully be labeled as "Hyper-Calvinism". I'll try to read the rest of what you wrote when I have time.

Chris Arnzen>>

Dear Chris,

Aren't you being a bit disingenuous? You, of all people, know what James White means when he calls someone a Hyper-Calvinist; after all, you're his "right-hand man." So you must be familiar with what he has said on the subject, especially what he has recently said on the subject. On his web site, under the heading, "2/08/2005 A Letter to a Hyper Calvinist," James White wrote the following:

<<But you really don't have a lot of question about a real hyper-Calvinist when you meet one (and you won't meet them witnessing to Mormons or JW's or preaching on the duty of men to repent and calling men to Christ):>>

So, Chris, what do real Hyper-Calvinists do and believe, according to James White? Three things: (1) They do not witness to the blatantly false religionists like Mormons or JW's, (2) they deny that it is the duty of men to repent, and (3) they do not call men to Christ. This is the classical Hyper-Calvinism that I mentioned in my initial e-mail. Yet you try to turn it around and say that this isn't really what he means, that Hyper-Calvinism is much broader, etc., etc. Well, you've been proven wrong from James White's own words. When he calls me a Hyper-Calvinist, he means that I do not witness to people like Mormons and JW's, that I do not believe in duty-faith, and that I do not call men to Christ. He then adds to this the view that all Arminians and tolerant Calvinists are unregenerate. But he does not take away the main part. And thus, my charge of slander stands. I and those in our assembly and those around the world who fellowship with us DO witness to the blatantly false religionists such as the Mormons and JW's, we DO say it is the duty of all to repent and believe, and we DO call men to Christ. So the charge of Hyper-Calvinism is false, and James White is a slanderer. He has already shown in his response to my post that he does not have the integrity to say he was wrong.

By the way, regarding the Netherlands Reformed people who promote doubting one's salvation -- they are a synagogue of Satan. According to Hebrews 11:1, faith is the FULL ASSURANCE that what is EXPECTED based on God's PROMISE will HAPPEN, the CONVICTION of things not seen. See "True and False Faith and Hope" at www.outsidethecamp.org/truefalse11.htm . We will keep proclaiming the truth, and our enemies will continue to say every evil word against us, lying (Matthew 5:11), and in this we rejoice (Matthew 5:12).

To God alone be the glory,

Marc D. Carpenter



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