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<<Well Marc, since you did bring up Gil Rugh and how he is supposed to be a four pointer man only, lets hear the guotes and the evidence. I personally do not know anything about Gil Rugh, beyond what Bill has posted regarding his writings. If as you say Gil Rugh is a four pointer, like you say, then yes, I would have to agree with you, that he is a God hating rebel, who knows not the Gospel, that is how I feel about four pointer men. But please Marc, lets hear the quotes from Gil Rugh's mouth himself. Unless you can provide the direct quotes, how can we learn who have not studied Gil Rugh or his teachings. I for one only have so many hours in the day, I cannot study every mans doctrine in detail. Time just does not allow. I should think that forums like this one would help out with that type of ignorance though, when one does not know about where certain men are coming from and what they teach, but lets be sure we do not bear false witness, and lets have the direct quotes right from their mouths.>>

As you will find out, I do not make baseless accusations. I take judging someone lost very seriously, and I do not make this judgment until I have hard evidence. Here is evidence that Gil Rugh hates God:

"The third point of Calvinism -- often referred to as 'particular redemption' -- teaches that Christ died only for the elect. Since God only intended to save the elect, He made provision only for those He intended to save. Therefore, Christ's atonement is restricted in that it only provides for those whom God has chosen.

I do not believe this idea is consistent with proper exegesis of the Word of God. The concept of limited atonement seems to be based upon so-called logical reasoning rather than explicit Scripture passages.

Those who believe in a limited atonement would say that it is theologically incorrect to tell someone that Christ died for his sin, because if he is not one of the elect, Christ did not die for his sins. Christ died only for the sins of the elect.

Of course, the strict, five-point Calvinists believe that you should still present the gospel to the lost, because you don't know who the elect are. But they don't believe that you should tell an unbeliever that Christ died for his sin and exhort him to believe, because if he is one of the elect, he'll respond. And if he's not one of the elect, then there has been no provision for his sin.

I believe a denial of the universal provision necessitates an abnormal approach to interpreting a wide variety of passages of Scripture. The Bible clearly teaches that Christ died for the sins of the world.

Christ's death made provision for all of humanity, even though that provision is applied only to the elect.

In John 6:51, Jesus said, 'I am the living bread that came down out of heaven; if anyone eats of this bread, he shall live forever; and the bread also which I shall give for the life of the world is My flesh' (emphasis added).

In passages such as this, you wee that in the death of Christ a universal provision was made. An unlimited atonement was provided for every person who would be born into the human race. But that provision will only be applied and become effective for those who are the elect of God.

Those who believe in a limited atonement redefine 'world' in such passages to the world of the elect. But I do not believe that you can demonstrate anywhere in Scripture where the word 'world' refers only to the elect. If you take your concordance and look up the word 'world' in the writings of John, you'll see how subjective it is to arbitrarily pull out some references to 'world' and say, 'Well, that must mean the world of the elect.' There is no interpretive reason to do that, unless you've come to the Scriptures with a preconceived idea."

The above quote is from "Calvinism & Arminianism" by Gil Rugh.

The gospel is God's promise of salvation conditioned solely on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. Gil Rugh does not believe this gospel. He believes that salvation is not conditioned on the work of Christ alone, because he believes that Christ's work was for all without exception. He preaches a false christ. He worships a false god. And God states in Exodus 20:5 that those who worship false gods hate Him. Thus, Gil Rugh is a God-hater.

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