Doug Wilson: Blind leader of the blind

Excerpts from "A Farewell to Calvinism," Credenda/Agenda Vol. 3, No. 8

<<Should "Calvinists" seek unity of fellowship with Christians who differ with them on this issue? Absolutely. Why? Because election depends upon the good pleasure of the Father. And if He has bestowed His unmerited pleasure upon "Arminians" (which He most certainly does), then it makes no sense for a "Calvinist" to magnify the prerogatives of divine sovereignty by telling God He is not allowed to fellowship with any "Arminians," and that furthermore the "Calvinist" is going to try to set a good example for God through restricting his fellowship. Some Calvinism.

Woe to the pot who strives with the Potter! Woe to the "Calvinist" who objects to the loose fellowship standards of God the Father!


But suppose an "Arminian" says that we cannot really love a brother if we say that he is mistaken about the gospel. We would paraphrase Paul and ask, "How we are his enemy simply because we speak the truth?" True Christians may be mistaken in their theology of the cross; our duty is therefore twofold. We must love all true Christians as brothers, and we must graciously dissent from all such mistakes about the cross. And at other points of doctrine or practice, where God uses "Arminians" to correct us, our duty is to receive it humbly.>>

"Mistaken about the gospel"! "Mistaken in their theology of the cross"! Is not the cross the heart of the gospel? Is this not what distinguishes true Christianity from every other false religion, even false religion that comes in the name of Christ? Are not Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons "mistaken about the gospel" and "mistaken in their theology of the cross"? Would Wilson seek unity of fellowship with them and say "Woe" to those who would object to the "loose fellowship standards" of his god?

Woe to those who would put the gospel and the cross aside to commit spiritual whoredom with their brothers in Satan!


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