I found another quote from A.A. Hodge, whom you think could have been a Christian at the time he spoke peace to Arminians; this time, it's from his "Outlines of Bible Topics." It is from Chapter 35 on Sanctification, and this section discusses Arminian perfectionism:

<<39. What special objections bear against the Arminian theory?

This view, as presented by the Wesleyan standard writers, is far less inconsistent with the principles and spirit of Christianity than either of the others, and consequently it is precisely in the same proportion less self-consistent as a theory, and less accurate in its use of technical language. These Christian brethren are to be honored for their exalted views, and earnest advocacy of the duty of pressing forward to the highest measures of Christian attainment, while it is to be forever lamented that their great founder was so far misled by the prejudices of system as to bind in unnatural alliance so much precious truth with a theory and terminology proper only to radical error. I will make here, once for all, the general explanation, that when stating the Arminian doctrine on any point, I have generally preferred to refer to the form in which the doctrine was explicitly defined by the Dutch Remonstrants rather than to the modified, and, as it seems to me, far less logically definite form in which it is set forth by the authorities of the Wesleyan churches, who properly style themselves Evangelical Arminians. I attribute the peculiar theoretical indefiniteness which appears to render their definitions obscure, especially on the subjects of justification and of perfection, to the spirit of a warm, loving, working Christianity struggling with the false premises of an Arminian philosophy.>>

Anyone who cannot see that A.A. Hodge was lost is blind, blind, blind. Anyone who would look at this quote and say that A.A. Hodge could have merely been a regenerate person who was speaking as an unregenerate person would speak is more disgusting than the filthiest homosexual pervert on the face of the earth.

Soli Deo Gloria,



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