Richard said:

> When people
> deny gospel
> duties they are basically denying absolute predestination,
> because they are
> in effect claiming that God's decree determines ends, but not
> intermediate
> causes.

Right. When people say that God is so sovereign that he doesn't use means, they actually deny God's sovereignty. The greatest means in the history of the universe was Christ's life, death, and resurrection! God uses means to accomplish His purposes. He uses means to save His people. Why? Because He wants ALL the glory -- and what He wants, He gets. When He uses the means of the gospel to save His people, He is glorified in the hearts of His people. He causes them to hear and believe the true gospel; he causes them to believe that NOT A SINGLE PARTICLE of salvation was conditioned on themselves IN ANY WAY, TO ANY DEGREE. And those who deny that God causes them to believe this are denying God's redemptive glory.

Soli Deo Gloria,



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