> Please run the following as a response to your Spurgeon "Hetrodoxy"
> article. I will look forward to seeing it inthe nest issue-if you dare.
> William
> So Spurgeon is in hell, being as you say, unregenerate because he
> beleived it was possible to be regenerate and misunderstand the
> doctrines of grace. Wow. That is an historic first. If he is in hell I
> don't hold out much hope for any professing Christians, including myself
> or you arrogant folks. I am reminded of what George Whiitfield said
> about John Wesley, after he had been treated so terribly by Wesley.
> Whitfield was asked "Do you think you will see John Wesley in heaven?"
> he answered "No! he will be so close to the throne of God I will never
> see him."
> If the doctrines of grace do not lead to graciousbess and humility in
> your relationship with others, in particular other Christians, then you
> openly shame the very doctrines you profess to defend. You, my friends,
> are not "Outside The Camp" you are out of your minds!
> William Oosterman, Pastor
> Westboro Baptist
> Ottawa Canada

Dear William,

I'd be happy to respond to this in a future issue of OTC; it's not guaranteed that it will be in the next one, but I would definitely like to respond to it. Briefly, I want to say that I am not saying and have never said that Spurgeon is now in hell; I said that he was unregenerate when he spoke peace to Arminians. I don't know if he spoke peace to Arminians up to his dying breath; God could have saved him later in his life. In your mind, "graciousness" and "humility" include speaking peace when there is no peace, saying that one who is ignorant of righteousness of God revealed in the gospel is a brother in Christ, and saying that those who believe in salvation conditioned on the sinner are saved. This shows that you do not know what the true gospel is. What you call "graciousness" and "humility" God calls Satanic. Those who defend or excuse God-haters such as Wesley show themselves to be God-haters. I am not saying this to be mean or unloving; I say this hoping that you will believe the true gospel of salvation conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Christ alone and repent of dead works and idolatry, including repenting of speaking peace to those who worship a god who cannot save. I welcome further dialogue.

Soli Deo Gloria,

Marc D. Carpenter



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