In our family devotions this evening we talked about the Passover, and I was reminded again at how vivid a picture of particular redemption that is. It's the blood that makes the difference! The blood was not on the houses of the Egyptians. Just think of a "passover" in which the blood was on everyone's house without exception, and a "god" who would kill the firstborn in some of the houses on which there was blood. In this "passover," the blood itself wouldn't make the difference between which houses were passed over and which houses were condemned. There would have to be one of two things going on: Either this god thinks the blood has no importance and just condemns at random, or this god finds something good in some of the houses with blood on them as compared to other houses with blood on them, thus not basing his passing over on the blood at all but on something in the households themselves. Then the question must be asked, "Well, why would the blood on the house be needed at all, since it doesn't make the difference between being passed over and being condemned?" The answer is, "The blood wouldn't be needed at all. The blood itself is without value."

Praise God for THE BLOOD OF HIS DEAR SON! It is of infinite value! When God sees the blood applied to His people, THERE IS NO CONDEMNATION! Christ's obedience unto death, the blood of His cross, is the ONLY thing that makes the difference between heaven and hell!

In Christ,



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