John Reisinger wrote:

> Marc D. Carpenter [Speaking as God's "duly authorized" judge] wrote:
> > John Reisinger recently said this: snip snip
> >
> > Now you know why Reisinger made such statements in his post. He is
> > unregenerate. {Thus saith Marc Carpenter - the self appointed judge.]
> If poor Marc were not so blinded and immature that he really
> believed he is
> God's vice regent on earth to say who is and who is not saved, then his
> authorative statement that I was lost would be amusing.
> My repsonse: The Jesus of the Bible has received me and will keep me. He
> invited me to come to Him "Just as I am" and at that point I was
> so stupid I
> actually knew nothing about election or limited atonement. And
> guess what! He
> received me "just as I was" and then taught me it was bcause of
> election that I
> was able to come in the first place. Praise His Name!
> I will see you, Marc, on judgement day and one of us will have to
> eat our words
> on the way to hell and destruction. You are 100 % right that it
> is impossible
> that both of us Christians. The great sin of which somebody will
> be guilty on
> that day is that of daring playing God.

Dear John,

Thanks for letting me know where you stand.

You say that I am lost because I am "playing God" by judging someone lost.

Yet you yourself have just "played God" (in your own estimation) by judging me lost.

This shows you to be a hypocrite. OF COURSE you judge saved and lost. The question is -- by what standard? It's obviously not by God's gospel.

John, I urge you to repent of your dead works and idolatry and believe the true, exclusive gospel of salvation conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Christ alone. I would rejoice to see you saved.

Soli Deo Gloria,


> > [MDC] Please note (for the 100000th time) that no one is consigning people to
> > hell. To say someone is lost and to consign someone to hell are two
> > different things.

> [JGR] You are correct. There is a
> difference between
> > telling a man, "You are going to hellbecause you are not saved"
> and "I am
> > consigning you to hell," is not saying exactly the same thing,
> although I
> > doubt the individual who was the object of your pronouncement
> would grasp the
> > difference. Either way there is still an authoritative
> statement, by you on
> > your authority, that hell is certain for that individual. I
> will cease using
> > the word "consigned" in the future.

[MDC] I have NEVER said that hell is certain for a person. To say someone is lost and to say that hell is certain for a person are two different things. Someone who is lost might be one of the elect. If this lost person is one of the elect, he will go from being lost to being saved.

> > [MDC] Please note that John Reisinger believes that he has the SAME GROUND OF
> > SALVATION as Noel Smith. Noel Smith is lost, and John
> Reisinger is lost.

> > [JGR] Here again great brilliant mind leaves me confused.
> What in the world
> > are you talking about? Perhaps, as one of your friends said,
> "John Reisinger
> > is not too educated" is correct. Explain what you mean.]

[MDC] You believe that Noel Smith is saved. Thus, you believe that you have the same ground of salvation that Noel Smith has. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.


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