Hello, Greg! Thanks for writing.

<<The gospel, is Christ>>

Who is Christ, and what did He do?

<<It is the grace and forgiveness of sins He offers those who believe in Him, to both Jew and Gentile alike.>>

How does Christ forgive sins?

<<I fear in your zealousness to serve God you have taken Scripture beyond what God says. Please have another look.>>

Please show me where I have taken Scripture beyond what God says. I need specific examples so I can take a look at them.

<<Do not also forget that if we have not love for one another we are nothing and do not know God ourselves.>>

What is love? Is it loving for a doctor who knows that his patient has a disease to say, "You're healthy"? Or is it loving for this doctor to tell him the disease so he will seek the remedy?

<<Please I beg you to give this subject another look see. The gospel is simply and only the good news of freedom offered to all who believe in Him.>>

What does it mean to believe in Him? What exactly do all Christians believe? What is it that non-Christians are ignorant of (Romans 10:3)?

<<I would think this may include believers from many denominations, which appear to have little light or truth, however, if they believe in Christ, are they lost?>>

What does it mean to believe in Christ? Are you saying that everyone who says, "I believe in Christ" are saved?

<<I sometimes feel as though we are the ones who are lost, who so quickly and coldly count them out instead of trying to reach them with God's truth.>>

I most certainly try to reach them with God's truth. And the only way to reach lost people with God's truth is to show them their disease and show them the remedy. If I tell someone who is lost that everything is okay, I am promoting his eternal destruction. This would not be love; this would be hatred.

<<Love covers over many sins>>

Yes. But it never speaks peace when there is no peace. It never says "You shall not surely die" (the message of Satan in the garden of Eden) when God says, "You shall surely die."

<<and we have accepted teachings which are not biblical ourselves, unbeknown to us. That doesn't make us unregenerate, does it?>>

True Christians can be in error on many things, such as in the areas of ecclesiology and eschatology. But there is one area in which all true Christians are in agreement, which is the ground of salvation. All true Christians believe the gospel of salvation conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Christ alone. There is not a single Christian who believes in salvation conditioned on the sinner.

I am very willing to dialogue with you more on these things. Feel free to ask more questions. Again, thanks for the e-mail!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Marc D. Carpenter


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