(1) Re: those who are mentally retarded:

This is my area of expertise. I work with people who are mentally retarded, and I do evaluations to find out if people are mentally retarded. People who are mentally retarded are those who have an IQ of 70 or below on a standardized measure of intelligence, plus a composite score of 70 or below on a standardized measure of adaptive functioning. Is everyone who meets these criteria regenerate?????????? Many of these people can hold a conversation with you, live independently, have jobs in the community, and worship at their local synagogue of Satan. These are all regenerate?????????? There is no need to witness the gospel to them????????? We're lying to them when we tell them that they are lost and their deeds are evil and they need to repent??????????????

Let me tell you where this could lead. Many tolerant "Calvinists" say that some Arminians are saved but just do not understand all the particulars of the gospel aright. I've even heard some of them say that it might be because they're just not intelligent enough. See where I'm headed with this? BELIEF OF THE GOSPEL IS NOT A MATTER OF INTELLIGENCE!!!!! If it is, then one could say that the Arminian with a 75 IQ could be regenerate, because he just doesn't have the intellectual capacity to grasp the concept of imputed righteousness!!

(2) Re: those who have not heard the gospel:

Let's take an example of a tribe in the Amazon jungle who has never had contact with the gospel. If the only ones who are responsible to believe the gospel are the ones who can rationally receive it or reject it, and if God is unjust to send any to hell who do not have the capacity to receive or reject the gospel, what about the people in this tribe who have never been given the opportunity to rationally receive it or reject it? Is God unjust to send them to hell because they have never heard the gospel?

Romans 1 will probably pop into your minds. Note that in this passage, these are people who had never heard the gospel, never been given the opportunity to accept or reject the gospel, but were under the just condemnation of God. Thus, it CANNOT be that only those who are given the opportunity but reject it are under the condemnation of God.



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