Dear John,

You know, there is such a thing as false humility. One of the forms it takes is something like this: "Oh, I am so weak and so sinful and have believed my share of heresy, and thus I really can't judge who is saved and lost, because those people I'm tempted to judge are in the same place I used to be, and God was merciful to me in that time and was forbearing toward my faults, and so I should be as forbearing toward others as God was and is toward me." The reason this kind of humility is false, and even of the devil, is that Scripture commands us to make distinctions between saved and lost, and any kind of "humility" that causes one to disobey Scriptural commands is not of God.

My question to you is: By what standard do you judge saved and lost? Is it outward appearance, or is it the gospel? Those who do not believe the gospel will be damned (Mark 16:16), and those who are ignorant of God's righteousness and seek to establish their own righteousness and have a zeal not in accordance with knowledge of the true gospel are lost (Romans 10:1-3). This means that those who believe that salvation is in any part conditioned on the sinner are lost. Is this your standard of judgment?

You made reference to my "strong arguments" that "bludgeon" and said that you once had this "zeal for purity," and you contrasted this with "patient love." You and I are called to be Christ-like. If we are to be like Jesus Christ, then we would be more outspoken in telling the religionists of the day that they are lost and their deeds are evil. Please read what Jesus said to the Pharisees who were trying to establish a righteousness of their own. Would you call what Jesus said "strong arguments" that "bludgeon"? Those who do not say that the self-righteous religionists are lost are like Satan, who said, "You shall not surely die."

I had to laugh when you advised me to "check in often with [my] wife," strongly implying that she would provide that "balance" that you claim I need. I must tell you (to your dismay, I assume) that my wife is totally, 100% with me in believing that Arminians are God-haters and is in 100% agreement that I should be proclaiming this in my ministry. You said in reference to wives that "they may not be great wrestlers of truth ..." I assume you mean that they are not as deep into the truth and have thought out the implications of the great truths. My response to that is: This might be true of your own wife, but you obviously don't know mine!

Please, John -- it's really a cop-out to say that you have thought about "taking me on" but have thought about how "hard to be reasoned with" you used to be. Give me a break! You're accusing me of being unbiblically unreasonable, yet you haven't even confronted me with anything specific! Get out of your cowardly "I just pray for you and love you where you are" drivel and confront me according to God's Word! If I am sinning, you'd better let me know! If you reason according to the Scripture, then I'd better not be "hard to be reasoned with"! I need to submit to God's Holy Word, and you are not being loving by having me continue in my sin! Bring it on, and be prepared with Scripture. If you can't back up your points with Scripture, then you have absolutely no grounds for implicitly accusing me of being "imbalanced," and you'd better change your view if mine is the Scriptural one!

Soli Deo Gloria,

Marc D. Carpenter


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