From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 1, No. 2)

The response to the first issue has been incredible! We thought we had printed enough copies to cover additional requests, but we sent all our extra copies because of the volume of new requests. It is apparent that God is using this paper to fill a niche. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Because of the volume of letters we received, we will not be able to publish them all in this edition; however, we have allotted more space in this issue than what we would normally allot in order to include many of them. I still want this to be your paper, and I think letters are an important part of that.

We are also planning to purge our mailing list after this issue, so we encourage those who want to continue to receive this paper (especially those whom we don't know) to let us know.

Some have wondered whether or not our view of being "outside the camp" means that we have a low view of the church organism that God has instituted on the earth. I want to make it clear that we definitely do not hold to that view. We do not believe in the "I can worship God in my own way out in the woods and not be part of an assembly" view. "Outside the Camp" does not mean "Outside the True Church Organism." It means that we who are outside the camp, where Christ is, have nothing to do with the religiosity of the apostate church, even if it calls itself "Reformed" or "Sovereign Grace." Thus, there are some who are still truly outside the camp who are part of "organized" churches. However, there are very few organized churches that would qualify as true churches, and those who truly believe the gospel will not join an assembly just so they can be part of an organized church or denomination.

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From the editor