From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 4, No. 1)

In Volume 3, Number 3 of Outside the Camp, I mentioned that I would like to compile and distribute a directory of like-minded believers. This directory is currently in the process of being compiled. In addition, I have started an e-mail discussion group for the like-minded believers who have e-mail. This has already been a great blessing to us, as like-minded believers who are spread far and wide across the world are encouraging each other in the faith. If any of you are of like mind with us and would like to be in the directory and/or the e-mail list, please let us know that you agree with the six statements and tell us if you want to be in the directory or the e-mail list or both.

The "Everlasting Life" tracts have been printed and are being distributed around the world. If you would like a bunch of these tracts, please contact me and let me know the quantity.

I want to express my deep gratitude for the encouraging words I have received from those of like precious faith. It is a joy to find others out there who believe the true gospel, and it is always very interesting (and very telling) that all of us have received very similar persecution, being called similar names by our enemies, yet most of us have never met. We have met people who have been lost Arminians and then became lost tolerant "Calvinists" before God saved them and caused them to repent -- to regard all their efforts at religion and morality while in self-righteous Arminianism and self-righteous tolerant "Calvinism"as the dung of evil deeds and fruit unto death.

Praise God.


From the editor