From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 6, No. 1)

Welcome to the fifth anniversary edition of Outside the Camp! The idea for this newsletter was conceived from two things: First, when I looked around at most of the so-called "Reformed" or "Calvinist" or "Sovereign Grace" churches, denominations, and publications, I saw much wickedness that needed to be exposed and refuted. Second, I was coming in contact with Christians from around the world who would not compromise with this wickedness and were in need of edification in the gospel and solid materials that refute the compromisers and proclaim the truth.

Outside the Camp has certainly been controversial, as we expected. When the truth is uncompromisingly proclaimed and wickedness is exposed, the self-righteous religionists will always make an outcry and cast reproach on believers. Hebrews 13:13, from where we get the name of the newsletter, speaks of those who bear the reproach of Christ outside of the camp of self-righteous religion. This newsletter has been used of God to bring together Christians who are scattered throughout the world who will not be a part of the compromising churches in their areas and who are despised by self-righteous religionists. It has also been used of God to bring the gospel to the self-righteous religionists, and God has saved some of them, even ones who used to be vehemently opposed the truth put forth in Outside the Camp. We have been truly humbled to see God use this small newsletter in such a powerful way.

We still have some back issues of Outside the Camp available. If you would like them, please ask. In this issue, in response to our readers' requests, we will be publishing articles from previous issues of Outside the Camp of which there are no longer back issues available (with some revisions). We still have much more new material to publish, but I thought this fifth anniversary edition would be a good time to reprint some articles for which our readers have been asking.

We now have many more sermon tapes available: The Gospel (10 sermons), True vs. False (11 sermons), What God Hates and Loves (6 sermons), Faith Without Works is Dead (1 sermon), Works Without Faith are Dead (1 sermon), and Romans (series still in progress). We now have a better recording system, so the recordings are of much better quality than the series on The Gospel. The "Everlasting Life" tract is still available as well.

As always, all our materials, including back issues, tracts, and sermon tapes, are free for the asking.

A note to those who have e-mailed me: My computer had some problems, and I lost some e-mail addresses. If you would still like to be in my e-mail address book, please e-mail me at My apologies for the inconvenience. Our web site is still up and running at

We pray that God will continue to use this newsletter to His glory - to edify the saints, to expose self-righteous religion (especially religion that comes in the name of "sovereign grace"), and to be a means by which God brings His people to a saving knowledge of Him.


From the editor