From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 6, No. 2)

We are in a time in which political conservatism is gaining popularity. Talk shows, web sites, newspapers, and magazines are touting the conservative philosophy. The evils of immorality such as abortion, pornography, homosexuality, and the like are being condemned not only in the conservative media but in the majority of the conservative "churches" around the country.

Much of what is called "conservative" makes sense. It certainly makes more sense than most of what is called "liberal." Conservatives are also generally much more family-friendly, home-school-friendly, and conservative religion-friendly.

But we must realize that most conservatives are unregenerate. They do not believe the gospel of salvation conditioned on the work of Christ alone. Thus, all their conservatism is an abomination to God. They may loudly sing "God Bless America," but they have no idea who the true and living God is.

Conservatism is a philosophy born of religion. It is, in many instances, a religious movement. And those of us who are Christians are not to join any such religious movement where we would be holding hands with God-haters. The founding fathers were religious and unregenerate. George W. Bush is religious and unregenerate. God certainly uses them and their policies for the good of the elect, but we must always realize that they are not in God's favor. Let us who are true Christians pray for the salvation of our leaders while keeping ourselves separate.


From the editor