From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 7, No. 3)

As we move toward the end of our seventh year of publication, we have decided to make a change in the frequency of our distribution. Up until now, we have distributed the newsletter every three months (February, May, August, and November). We will now go to distributing every four months (January, May, and September), the Lord willing, beginning with this issue. This is due to the time constraints of the editor. I have a wife and six children with whom I spend much time (we also home-school), work a full-time job, prepare and preach sermons, respond to requests from around the world for cassette tapes and other materials, have e-mail and snail-mail correspondence from people around the world, maintain the Outside the Camp web site, and write articles for, prepare for printing, and mail the Outside the Camp newsletter. I am still convinced of the urgent need for the proclamation of the true gospel and exposing false gospels, but I cannot maintain the pace at which I have been going.

There are new additions to the Outside the Camp web site that we are pleased to announce. There are now sermon manuscripts available on our site up to the current series on Romans. You can access them by going to: Thanks to Christopher Adams for preparing these manuscripts, including inserting Bible text in red in places where I read from the Scriptures during the sermons. Another goal of ours is to have audio sermons online, although this is quite a time-consuming project. All sermons are available free of charge on cassette tape.

We ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to pray for us as we continue to proclaim the gospel all over the world.


From the editor