From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 8, No. 3)

It is time again to purge our mailing list. This purge is going to be different than previous purges in that it is going to be more extensive because of the requirements for staying on our mailing list. In this purge, all those who do not notify me by the time of the next issue (January 2005, the Lord willing) that they want to remain on the mailing list will be removed from the mailing list. This includes people who have just recently requested to be on our mailing list.

Here are specific instructions: If you wish to stay on the mailing list for this newsletter, please write to me or e-mail me with the following information: (1) a statement requesting to remain on the mailing list, (2) your mailing address, and (3) the number of copies of the newsletter you would like to receive each time it is published.

I am planning to purge the e-mail mailing list as well. So for any of you who want to continue on the e-mail mailing list, I need to hear from you stating that you would like to stay on the e-mail mailing list.

Please note the new Outside the Camp e-mail address:

Some have asked us about our tax-exempt status. We are not a 501c3 organization, as we do not believe that it is the government's business to determine what is and what is not a legitimate religious entity, and we believe that religious organizations should not ask for special status from the government. The government should stay out of religion.


From the editor