From the editor ...

(From Outside the Camp, Vol. 9, No. 3)

I would like to comment on the common reaction to our "Heterodoxy Hall of Shame." The reaction goes something like this: "Look at all the stalwarts of the faith they are condemning! This should be enough to show you that they are not to be taken seriously."

Did you notice something missing in that statement? They hardly ever comment on why these people are in the Heterodoxy Hall of Shame. They just look at the name and say, "How dare you!" This shows that they are respecters of persons; their worship of a person is more important than the fact that this person promoted heresy. I have much more respect for a person who actually engages in conversation about the heresy that these people promoted, no matter who they are or what status they have in the "Reformed" and/or "Christian" community.

It matters not whether the heretic is John Calvin or John Doe - if that person promotes damnable heresy, then that person is unregenerate.

I am also pleased to announce some major additions to our web site. All of the sermons are now available in audio format in addition to the text format. There is also a new section in which there are over two hundred compiled e-mails, posts to forums, and letters. Again, CD-ROMs are available of our entire web site free for the asking; if you have a previous CD-ROM and would like an updated one, just let me know. If you would like a CD-ROM with just the audio sermons, please specify this.


From the editor