Heterodoxy Hall of Shame

(From Outside the Camp Vol. 1, No. 3)

Thomas Boston (1677-1732), the famous Scottish Presbyterian theologian and preacher, left us with many heretical quotes from his sermons and writings. Here are a few:

"Our Lord Jesus Christ is the official Savior, not of the elect only, but of the world of mankind indefinitely. ... Any of them all may come to Him as Savior, without money or price, and be saved by Him as their own Savior appointed to that office by the Father. ... If it were not so that Christ is the Savior of the world, He could not warrantably be offered with His salvation to the world indefinitely, but to the elect only. If He were not commissioned to the office of Savior of all men, it would be no more appropriate to call all men to trust Him as Savior any more than He could be offered lawfully to fallen angels. ... No one cold be held guilty for not turning to Christ for salvation, unless there is a sense in which God has appointed Him to be a Savior of that guilty one. ... That [Titus 3:4] speaks of a love of the species mankind. God's love for humanity has appeared in two eminent instances: First, in securing, by an irresistible decree, the salvation of some of them, and second, in providing a Savior for the whole of the kind. ... He sent His Son from heaven with full instructions and ample powers to save you, if you will believe. And is not this love? ... Know with certainty that if any of you perish -- and if you go on in your sins ye shall perish -- you shall not perish for want of a Savior. ... You would not trust Him as Savior, even though He had His Father's commission to be Savior of the world -- and your Savior" (From his sermon Christ the Savior of the World, which appears in John MacArthur's new book, The Love of God).

"... the deed of gift or grant is to every man. This necessarily supposeth Christ crucified to be the ordinance of God for salvation, to which lost mankind is allowed access. ... Therefore he [Edward Fisher] says not, 'Tell every man Christ died for him,' but, Tell every man, 'Christ is dead for him;' that is, for him to come to, and believe on; a Saviour is provided for him; there is a crucified Christ for him, the ordinance of heaven for salvation for lost man, in the use-making of which he may be saved" (From his notes on Edward Fisher's The Marrow of Modern Divinity).

"Christ invites sinners with an enlarged heart. Joy enlarges it. His heart is open to you, his arms are stretched wide. You often see him with sorrow and anger in his face, and this works with you that you will not come. Behold him smiling and inviting you now to himself, sending love looks to lost sinners, from a joyful heart within! Infer, 2nd. May I say, the Mediator's joy is not complete, till you come and take a share? ... Would you do Christ a pleasure? then come to him. ... Would you content and ease his heart? Then come.

"... These are they that 'labour' and are 'heavy laden.' ... Who are meant by these? I cannot agree with those that restrain these expressions to those that are sensible of their sins and misery ... but I think it includes all that are out of Christ ... And what are the invitations of the gospel, but Christ putting out his hands to sinking souls, sinking with their own weight. ... Consider the parallel text, Isaiah 55:1, 'Ho, every one that thirsteth;' where, by the thirsty is not so much understood as those that are thirsting after Christ, as those that are thirsting after happiness and satisfaction ... Christ in the gospel comes into the world as to an hospital of sin-sick souls, ready to administer a cure to those that will come to him for it. ... It is the work of faith to give up the soul to Christ, that he may save it ... How he complains of these that will not come, John 5:40, 'And ye will not come to me that ye might have life.' He speaks as one that has been working in vain" (From his sermon, Come Unto Me, All Ye That Labour, distributed in booklet form by Chapel Library, Pensacola, Florida).


Heterodoxy Hall of Shame