Is Rush Limbaugh a Friend of Christians?

Rush Limbaugh touts himself as a friend of Christians, as a defender of morality. Although he does a good job exposing the hypocrisy of the left (Democrats, Liberals) he himself is a sexual pervert, a defender of murder, and a self-righteous God-hater, which means he, too, is a hypocrite. He is no friend of Christians.


He has been married and divorced three times.

He cheated on his first two wives.

He admits he watches pornography.

He has given interviews to Playboy and Penthouse. When asked about the propriety of his accepting the Playboy interview, he said, "Hell, go buy it anyway and hide it from your kids."

He said, "Some of these babes, I'm telling you, like the sexual harassment crowd. They're out there protesting what they actually wish would happen to them sometimes."

He defends the invasion of Iraq and the killing of tens of thousands of Iraqis even though Iraq never attacked us.

When asked by a professing Christian what Christians should do to help turn the country around, he said that Christians should just follow the advice of their own Bible - "God helps those who help themselves."

The following quotes show that Rush Limbaugh, the self-proclaimed moral compass to guide the masses through the culture wars, is a sexual pervert himself. If this is the way that most men think (and I think it is), then tell me - what's wrong with keeping my wife and daughters as far away from most men as possible?

The following are quotes from
The Way Things Ought To Be (New York: Pocket Books, 1992).

"Men can no longer enjoy themselves or tell jokes with a lot of women around, because anything they say within earshot of women can be construed as sexual harassment. ... Men use crude language among themselves all the time. ... [It is] normal male behavior. ... I don't condone groping or sliding up to someone, but a joke or the raising of an eyebrow at work is in another league." (pp. 139, 142)

"It's getting to the point where a man who naturally expresses any interest in a woman whatsoever can be accused of lecherous behavior. ... So, just looking is harassment? Good grief, that's what men are supposed to do. That's how the old ball gets rolling. Heck, men can't help it. It's built in, biologically, from the factory." (pp. 139, 140, 142)

"... every man looking at that ad [where the woman has her hand on the man's hindquarters] wishes he were in it. Every man in the world would like to have a gorgeous woman like that coming on to him." (p. 144)

"Let me leave you with a thought that most honestly summarizes my sentiments: I love the women's movement .. especially when I am walking behind it." (p. 145)

"I had a bad sore throat and my voice was somewhat weak. This woman called and said she had the perfect cure. I said, 'Hmmm, what is it? She said: 'A throat massage. With my tongue.' I was stunned and incredulous, totally taken aback. But -- and this is the important thing -- I was not offended. I laughed and told her I found her idea intriguing. ... I didn't feel at all sexually harassed by the call. I liked it." (pp. 144, 145)

"To this day I am a little queasy about complimenting a woman on her appearance because to do so meant you were probably a lecher, interested in only cheap sex, and that was wrong. I could afford more." (p. 190)

"The Epitome of Morality and Virtue: Me. A man whom hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of American mothers hope their daughters will someday marry. (Many of these mothers no doubt harbor the same fantasy for themselves.)" (p. 296)

The following are quotes from See, I Told You So (New York: Pocket Books, 1993)

"It's normal for boys to pursue girls. It's natural for men to pursue women. This normal and natural process, once called the fine art of seduction, is being confused with harassment. What was once considered an important part of the process of finding a mate is being mischaracterized as rape." (p. 204)

"Take, for instance, the young star of 'The Wonder Years,' Fred Savage. The then sixteen-year-old was hit with a sexual harassment suit by a former staffer of the show, Monique Long, who claimed that Savage repeatedly asked her to have an affair with him and -- egads! -- touched her by holding her hand. The lawsuit also charged that Jason Hervey, another actor on the show, harassed Long during her two years on the show as a costume designer, at one point touching her 'in a sexual way.' Long, thirty-two, claimed she was asked not to return to the show because of her complaints about the actors. Have things gotten to the point where a man, or boy, can't ask a woman out? Can't flirt? Is it a crime to hold somebody's hand?" (p. 204)

"And sexual harassment, in turn, becomes indistinguishable from normal sexual advances. A widely ballyhooed survey of sexual harassment in the schools was conducted in 1993 by the American Association of University Women. Reported on the front pages of newspapers across America, the study found that a shocking 81 percent of students said they had been victims of sexual harassment. The news was jolting, until the discerning reader discovered how sexual harassment was defined by these people. Unwelcome comments, jokes, and looks served as sufficient litmus tests for victimization, let alone being touched or pinched. ... if a boy brushes against a girl, they literally want to make a federal case over it. ... Am I the only one getting tired of this kind of insanity? Why is normal behavior in our society constantly labeled as sick and weird, while sick and weird behavior is constantly called normal?" (pp. 207, 210)

Yet Limbaugh also says this: "Why does it surprise anyone that kids are acting out their sexuality more overtly when the schools are giving out condoms and insisting that there's no way to discourage teens from having sex? ... They are told that there is no such thing ultimately as right and wrong. Values are relative. Truth is relative. Morality is defined by individual choice. If this isn't a recipe for sexual harassment and other forms of sexual and physical abuse, I don't know what is. And that's what the kids are taught in school. What are they learning by watching TV and today's movies? Our popular culture is inundated with vulgarity and sleaze -- so much so that many of us have lost sight of the good, the wholesome, and the uplifting." (pp. 207-208)

What a hypocritical creep you are, Rush Limbaugh. It is you who are condoning sexual harassment by saying that it is a normal thing for males to do to women. It is you who encourage the same things that are on TV and in movies. It is you who are the promoter of vulgarity and sleaze. You are a filthy, disgusting pervert.


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