For each item, please read specified verse(s) and then choose the correct response.

1. Psalm 5:5-6. God hates:

a) the people who work iniquity.

b) iniquity only, not the people.

2. Romans 9:11-13. God:

a) hated Esau unconditionally.

b) loved Esau but loved him less than He loved Jacob.

3. Romans 9:15. God has compassion on:

(a) everyone.

(b) whom He chooses.

4. Romans 9:18. God's mercy is:

(a) common to all.

(b) particular to the elect.

5. Psalm 2:4. God:

(a) laughs at the wicked.

(b) is sad that the wicked will not be saved.

6. Psalm 11:5. God hates:

(a) the one who loves violence.

(b) the violence but loves the sinner.

7. 2 Corinthians 2:14-16. The truth is manifested to all:

(a) out of a gracious love of God for all, showing that He is willing to save all.

(b) to the good of the elect and the hardening of the reprobate.

8. (Extra Credit) Matthew 7:23. Jesus will say to the reprobate:

(a) He loves them.

(b) He loved them at one time, but now He does not love them.

(c) He never loved them.